Report: perceptions of apprenticeships and technical careers

We’re determined to change the face of technical careers in the UK and inspire a new and enthusiastic generation of young talent.

As such, we commissioned a report and spent time collecting the thoughts and opinions of those that can really make this happen; UK parents and young people.

For UK youngsters, mum and dad really influence career choices, but our findings show that lots of UK parents don’t actually know what an apprenticeship is. This means that many young people aren’t being presented with the incredible opportunities and careers they can offer.

It’s therefore no surprise that figures from the government show a decline in new apprentices for March 2018, which are down 28 per cent year on year.

Initiatives like the apprenticeship levy and the introduction of T-levels are set to help but filling the knowledge gap doesn’t solely sit with the government or parents. It’s everyone’s responsibility – including industry bodies and commercial enterprises – to collaborate in fixing the problem. Through our Junior Engineering Engagement Programme (J.E.E.P) – which aims to attract young talent into the industry – we hope to change people’s perception about the engineering and facilities management industries and give apprenticeships a more unified voice.

It’s time to shake off the view that technical careers are about oily rags and no prospects. In reality recruits in this sector are in such high demand that graduate apprentices are earning between £26,000 and £30,000 just a year after qualifying – usually before they’re 20 years old.

We need to ensure that apprenticeships are profiled alongside university as a credible pathway to fulfilling and lucrative careers.

We also need to ensure parents and young people are fully informed of the options available to them with a long-term view of creating a pipeline of fantastic talent for the industry.

You can read more about our research and findings here.